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body & Fabrication

Truck bodies, trailers, gates, handrails, and custom wrought iron are just a handful of the finished goods available from BSI. Custom designs, projects large and small. If it can be made of metal, it can be made by Baucom Service. 

Alongside our welding and fabrication shop, we provide full-service body repairs that fit your needs. Whether you just need a new bumper for your car, or you want to update your entire fleet's look, BSI is here to serve.

Metal Cutting and Forming

Baucom Service is equipped with metal cutting and bending tools that handle a large variety of jobs. Brakes and shears can process steel up to 1/2" thick and our rollers will process 3/8" steel. The ultragraph burn table allows multiple copies of the same piece to be cut quickly and accurately. Whether you need a single piece or several hundred, BSI is equipped to cut and form the metal you need for your next project.

On-Site Welding Services

We have multiple service trucks outfitted with welders and cutting tools for jobs that can't be done at the shop. Permanently mounted equipment can be repaird and large fabrication jobs can be completed on-site to reduce your downtime and without the expense of transporting items to the shop.

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