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Need a part? we can find it.

Original Equipment Parts

Nobody knows your equipment like the folks who built it. For customers who specify genuine OEM parts for their repairs, Baucom Service carries inventory and will special-order parts directly from the manufacturer or licensed distributor to ensure you get the best quality and value.

BSI is a distributor for several manufacturers of OEM components, including Roll-Rite™ and Shurco™ tarp systems, as well as SpitzLift™ portable truck cranes. 

Aftermarket Parts

The heavy-duty aftermarket parts industry provides quality parts at competitive prices to help you control costs. BSI is a distributor for many lines of products, including Heavy Duty Manufacturing exhaust components, Philips™ electrical parts, Timken™ bearings, and NAPA™ Heavy Duty truck parts.

If you need lights, brakes, or even a complete rebuild kit, BSI is your source for quality aftermarket parts and components. 

Used Parts

Sometimes, the part you need is no longer in production. Or a new one costs an arm and a leg. At BSI, we try to be mindful of your budget and offer used parts from our in-house "bone yard" or other used parts vendors. We know the most important thing is getting your equipment back on the job for minimal cost.

The next time you are looking for a used part to save a few dollars, or to simply find a part that nobody manufactures anymore, remember Baucom Service.

hoses, batteries, etc.

Picture this: It's 3:30 on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The weather forecast is calling for rain all next week and you need to finish up tonight. All of a sudden, you blow a hydraulic hose! The parts house closed at noon right? Not at Baucom Service. We are open 24/7 to meet your needs. So whether you blew a line at 3PM or 3AM, a real person will be here to answer your call and get your new hose made to spec. We will do everything we can to keep you up and running until the job is done and long after.


Be it a hydraulic hose, batteries, or something else; we've got what you need, when you need it.

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