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Baucom Service has a large fleet of many types of trailers, meeting the needs of trucking, industrial, and agricultural users. Our fleet of trailers consists of the following types:

  • Refrigerated (on-road and storage)

  • Dry van (on-road and storage)

  • Hopper bottom

  • Belt floor

  • Flatbed (pig kits available)

  • Tanker

  • Dump

Our rental department is experienced in meeting the needs of various industries and will work to supply trailers matching your desired specs. Short-term rentals and

long-term leases are available on most equipment. We are located in the Charlotte, NC area.

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Fleet operators and owners have two basic goals: to maximize productivity and profits. Leasing trailers provides unique advantages over owning trailers, both operationally and financially. And these advantages directly impact a fleet's productivity and profitability. 

With trailer leasing, the cost and burden of procurement are outsourced, freeing up manpower and reducing expenses. While the trailer is in use, there is no debt on the balance sheet, and also no equity, giving your business greater returns to equity. The monthly payment is a predictable, stable expense. Once the trailer is turned in, the operator bears no responsibility in reselling or otherwise disposing of the trailer.

From an operational standpoint, a full-service lease reduces downtime and provides ease of service by outsourcing maintenance and repairs. For lessees with their own service facilities, a lower-cost net-net lease agreement may be a viable option as well.

At BSI Lease, we work with fleets of all types and sizes, customizing plans and equipment to match their needs. Our fleet consists of many types of trailers, including dry van, refrigerated, hopper, belt/live floor, tanker, dump, and flatbed.

If you currently own trailers that need to be liquidated to make room for newer equipment, our sister company, Carolina Ag & Equipment Group, LLC, offers marketing services for consigned vehicles. Carolina Ag & Equipment Group utilizes local and national media outlets to advertise equipment, giving your equipment maximum exposure.

To speak with one of our lease specialists, call 800.284.9611 during daytime business hours (8am to 5pm).



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To set up a rental account, we require a minimum of 3 years in business and an approved credit application. 

Click the icon below to download a Credit Application.

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